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    I have a similar question. Where is the guarantee that the service will be of the same quality in a year and two?

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    I think that with this method of mining, which is implemented on Bitcoin ONE, there will be no problems with the processing of operations. I specifically read the articles on both the method of mining and processing and, according to what I read, this theme will really work well.

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    I don't understand: Bitcoin ONE fork seems to have been announced at 531000 Bitcoin block, this is the beginning of July. Then yesterday I found information that there will be another fork on July 9, sort of like. The sites vary from bitcoinone io to bitcoin-1 org and b1 cash. Which site is the right one?

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    Judging by the way Bitcoin ONE is actively discussed and the cryptocurrency exchange project, after all the b1 cash site information has more priority. I didn't see any special activity on those sites. And in general they are strange: on bitcoin-1 org launching was announced and conducted on December, on bitcoinone io - on July 9.

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    I also think that bitcoin-1 org and bitcoinone io are scams. Typically, you can get their B ONE during 1000 days. If you already have Bitcoin ONE. But how it can be??? There was no fork yet.

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    Some kind of scam. Apparently, someone is trying to wishful thinking. Bitcoin ONE (BTC1) fork will be released only in early July... What do Bitcoin ONE representatives think about this?

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    Actually, yes. it's somehow strange: they give their coins in addition to their own coins. This is on those sites. At there is still information that the fork will take place on the 531,000 block. And it was announced several times already.

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    Now, I don't understand: how does that explain the 531,000 block and the beginning of July?

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    Bitcoin ONE on the 531 000 block will occur in early July. Is this correct, Bitcoin ONE??

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    The new 531 000 block on which Bitcoin ONE will be available is listed on the official site of the fork or Generally, it's somehow strange. It turned out that several names of one cryptocurrency fly out at once.

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