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    Yes, and both to scan the code and load it into the app for subsequent operations.

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    And this is only for crypto-currency wallets or for all the accounts and wallets that can only be?

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    Of course, for everyone. After all, the service must be universal for all types of finance.

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    Tell me, will there be an opportunity on the B1.CASH crypto-exchange to form a currency pair between BTC1 and USD or, let's say, between ETN and EUR?

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    I have such a question: to get Bitcoin ONE for free can only those who hold bitcoin? But what about the others, who also want to become the owners of BTC1?

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    Yes, that's right: Bitcoin ONE will be for free to users who have verified their bitcoin wallets in the B1.CASH app, or on the official site of the fork - www b1 cash

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    This is not the first time I see this phrase: "to verify". And what does this mean, someone can explain?

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    To verify means that the user will attach it to the B1.CASH system and then will be able to use both Bitcoin and Bitcoin ONE already in a single wallet.

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    Aah, that's it) Hmm, an interesting approach, though not a new one. And accrual will be by what principle?

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    It was said that 1:1. That is, 1 BTC will be added to 1 BTC.

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