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    No, trade is only available on B1.CASH. And on other exchanges, it will be possible only to monitor the courses of the selected trading pair.

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    That's how it is... And I was excited that all exchanges will be in one app))) Okay, seriously, the idea of monitoring the course is very good.

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    I didn't quite understand about the monitoring of currency pairs. It turns out, I'm asking a pair of ETH/USD and I can see the course not only on B1.CASH, but also on other sites? And on which ones?

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    It was named a list of sites, but I don't remember which trading platforms were included. It's necessary to look in materials on the FB project page.

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    And I have such a question: how it will be possible to add funds on B1.CASH?

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    I heard that this can be done both with bank cards and accounts and with e-money wallets.

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    And where to withdraw funds from the exchange?

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    So, I believe that to bank accounts and cards, as it usually happens. But It's not clear. Only B1.CASH representatives can answer this question better than me, they have much more information.

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    And B1.CASH crypto exchange is whose project? I heard that this is the development of COX ENTERPRISE.

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    Yes, that's right. The company has already implemented projects like COX Social (messenger and social network) and GeoGame (apps for team chess games). So, the developers are creating and implementing complex projects for more than a year.

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