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    I don't quite understand how many apps will have Bitcoin ONE?

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    Two apps: for Android and iOS, and the web version of www b1 cash site.

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    And synchronization will occur simultaneously, I understand? Or how?

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    Of course, at the same time. After all, information must always be relevant.

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    Can I get my BTC1 if I pass the verification not in the mobile app, but only on Bitcoin one site?

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    As far as I know, verification can be done both in the mobile app and on the site. In both options the procedure is equivalent.

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    And for how long after the verification will I receive digital BTC1 coins?

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    Apparently, it will be instantly: everything is built on the Bitcoin ONE blockchain platform, where is used hybrid processing. By the way, the transfer will take place according to the 1:1 scheme.

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    And if I don't have bitcoin? How can I get Bitcoin one?

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    In this case, only through the exchange, or buy from those users who could already get it. By the way, at first, BTC1 will trade only on the B1.CASH crypto-exchange.

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