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    Recently, it was announced that Bitcoin one hard fork was moved to the middle of July, 532 888 bitcoin block. And someone knows when the B1.CASH platform will appear in the public domain?

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    It should be assumed that either 1-2 weeks before the fork, or directly day in a day with the realization of the fork. After all, you can get Bitcoin one only after verifying the bitcoin wallet by attaching it to the system.

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    Exactly! In general, they said that there will be not only verification but also identification. And what is this and what is it for?

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    Generally, identification is needed to verify the identity of users. That is trading on the exchange, operations with accounts and wallets. In short, working with finance requires such a serious approach.

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    That's what I understand but why on B1.CASH?

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    That's exactly for all this it's needed on B1.CASH, because it's not only a crypto-exchange but also a full-fledged online banking. And where did you see that the bank was allowed to work with finances, cards, accounts, transfers anonymously? In addition, the world is now struggling to ensure that all financial transactions are transparent.

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    Well, that's true. So what's included in KYC?

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    There will be several stages: you will need to take pictures and send your identity documents; verify your identity in partner offices; undergo video confirmation procedure. This is briefly.

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    Wow, how many things. And, it will be possible to do something without visiting the office?

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    I can't say for sure. Most likely, it's possible, but the list of available operations will be insignificant. Still, working with finance requires maximum identification...

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