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    And here they said that there would be an opportunity to order courier delivery of Bitcoin one physical coins and banknotes... So, it might be more reasonable to shift the responsibility of confirmation the users' identity on couriers?

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    Oh, by the way, it's a good idea. It would be very good to do so. This would significantly save time.

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    I have a question for everyone: would it be possible to use BTC1 banknotes and coins as traditional money?

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    No, they also have a limitation on the use and only need to protect wallets and provide security during the trading operation of digital Bitcoin one coins.

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    And then, why are they called coins and bills?? People will really think that they can be used for paying...

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    Well, firstly, people are well aware of what monetary units can be used to pay for goods and services. Secondly, the website clearly indicates for what purpose can be used these coins and bills.

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    But if someone will decide to use them for calculations?

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    And what can he do? Will come to the store, pick up the goods and give to cashier 10 Bitcoin one? Well, then what? Anyway, the cashier will not accept those bills as a payment.

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    Yes, and if they are used to protect wallets, then how does it work?

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    Each coin\banknote is issued only by order of the BTC1 digital coin holder since it contains the QR code of the wallet owner. To order or not to order, it's just your decision.

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