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    "What to do" you say? Their Bitcoin ONE will act not only as a means of payment and an investment tool (you can think of it as that), but also a means for internal payments within the platform.

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    Hmm, you want to say that is also a processing, and bitcoin one... where will be transactions performed?

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    I suppose so, yes. But I think this question will be answered better by the team from After all, we share our assumptions here.

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    Then another question. For what are Bitcoin ONE coins and bills? Are they going to make their global currency?

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    I don't think so. After all, this is illegal and in no country in the world where a competitor currency appears, neither the regulator, nor the authorities, nor the security forces will admit it.

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    What is the main purpose of B1.CASH? What is the mission of the platform?

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    In which countries the B1.CASH platform will work?

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    Has anyone heard about the timing of the launch of B1 CASH?

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    It was originally called a specific date on the network, now there is no public information about this.

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    In one of the b1. cash communities I sort of have read that their start scheduled for the end of April or the beginning of May. And I hope that we will not have long to wait))

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