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    Here's all simple: if you have a coin\a banknote, then this is an additional protection for your wallet. Tthese physical carriers contain a transfer code, so a digital coins transaction cannot occur without entering this code. So, when you sell, a transfer code is a confirmation that you (and not someone else) transfers BTC1 digital coins to another user (owner) and after entry into the blockchain are registered a new owner of the bitcoin one coins.

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    So that's how it is... they look like real banknotes))

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    By the way, isn't it possible to forge coins and bills?))

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    I don't know. It is said that it's impossible: several degrees of protection may be a reliable barrier against forgery. And then we will see)) After all, the fork hasn't yet taken place and there are no coins. The fork will be only on 532 888 block.

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    Well, let's say they were forged, but the transfer codes (as I understand it's a set of random numbers) most likely will not be hacked. And the more - you can't find the combination. There may be several million options. In any case, let's see how it all will work.

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    Last week all the main advantages of BTC1 were discussed quite stormily. But I still don't understand one thing: so at what expense will the high speed of transaction processing be ensured? I just read everything that was on the network, but I can't understand how Bitcoin one will provide the processing speed up to 1 million per second.

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    How can you not understand? After all, the www b1 cash fork site indicates that transactions processing will be carried out through hybrid processing. In simple words, the developers have combined a number of the most advanced and most technological solutions, which will provide high-quality service.

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    Well, that's just more understandable than the standard forceful wording that you have to read on the site.

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    And it doesn't happen that at the initial stage when users are not so many, this speed will be real, but as the load on the network grows, the speed will drop?

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    I think that the developers also envisaged such a scenario. I believe that despite the increase in the number of operations, the system will not drop down...

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