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    Yeah, I want to believe. Otherwise, promises will remain promises... In general, the idea is good: it seems to me that no other payment system in the world can offer something like that. After all, the same Visa is capable of processing no more than 3 thousand operations...

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    And do you think that such speed in a million transactions will be universally provided? Or it depends on the region of use?

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    That's a weird question)) Of course, this speed will be around the world. Processing is unified, which means that it's the same everywhere))

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    And here's what's interesting for me: will be an opportunity to pay by the QR code on B1.CASH?

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    Yes, of course. This topic has already been discussed here before, plus on social pages of the project wrote about it.

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    And payment through a barcode?

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    I'm not ready to answer and haven't heard anything about it.

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    Today, they've already written on B1.CASH communities, that it will be possible to search for applicants by geolocation. I still don't understand how does it all will work?

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    Yes, everything is simple: after creating an application (purchase, exchange, sale), the system switches you to a search page (literally: a map where is indicated your location and the location of potential application executors). You can select an executor from those that are available on the map.

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    That's it... And if I'm an executor and I want to find those who need my help?

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