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    Similarly, you see those who placed the application online.

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    What about the search geography?

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    Everything starts from a radius of 1 kilometer. Then every 10 seconds the radius increases by 1 km. Well, I think that the convenience of working with the system will allow you to quickly increase the number of those who create applications, and those who execute them.

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    By the way, during the process of working on the application it will be possible to replace the executor.

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    Don't confuse: a replacement is possible if the selected executor can't fulfill the application for some reason. By the way, the replacement of the counterparty occurs upon consideration of the dispute by the Arbitration.

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    I take it that the application will include Arbitration decisions?

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    Yes, you will read about the causes of the proceedings as well as the decision.

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    And how does the Arbitration go?

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    Wow, what an interesting project)) It turns out that I will use Bitcoin one to pay for goods and services around the world, right??

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    I would say this: use around the world where it's possible. Yes, some countries have already almost legalized it, but they still don't hurry to make it a legal means. This is largely due to the fact that authorities don't know how to handle this innovation and perceive the crypt as an alien: it's kind of interesting, but scary...

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