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    Apr 2018
    Well, are we getting ready for the start? They promise to run B1.CASH on July 15... Oh, I wish I could see the test version.

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    Yes, but it can be said that the creators don't reveal interfaces.

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    And what about interface? I wonder how everything will function))

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    Well, yes, of course...)) And how will you understand the numerous platform settings (creating applications, placing orders, etc.)?

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    I think, it comes to that a little later: either before the launch of the project or during the first days when the platform will function already.

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    Apr 2018
    And I am not clear: you can register with a phone number?

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    Yes, on the first visit, you will be asked to leave your phone number to receive SMS for authorization within the system.

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    And what about KYC ?? After all, it's also necessary for identification, as I understand...

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    KYC is already the second stage: dealing with finance, the creation of applications, their execution, etc.

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    I also think that there will be no problems using the platform: usually, these services have a friendly interface, which is understandable to most users. Well, if you have any questions, welcome to support.

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