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    There is such a question: will B1.CASH expand the number of crypto-currencies available for trade? Or is it limited to TOP-20, as promised earlier...?

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    I think the major will be Bitcoin one, which is overseen by the platform. In general, a good idea is to make an analog of interbank payment systems. After all, in our troubled (in all senses) time, it's extremely important to have alternative versions for transfers.

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    Yes, Bitcoin one is just such an alternative. And B1.CASH is an alternative to banks.

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    Here's the question: how long does it take to create accounts on B1.CASH?

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    Ok, no more than 1 minute. And both accounts in fiat, crypto, and e-money.

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    Well, it's purely theoretical takes no more than 1 minute. But with fiat accounts situation will probably be different: they are also supposed to be attached to some bank operator.

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    Why more? Document scans can be sent directly at the time of verification on site or in the mobile app.

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    I agree. In addition, identity confirmation can be done at the points of the platform partners.

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    Yes, I missed this moment. Then, of course, the process of opening accounts won't take much time: the client data will already be available on the platform.

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    So it's all clear. Well, once B1.CASH positions itself as a global service, in fact, a global bank, then I have a question like a man accustomed to traditional banking products: can I open deposits on B1.CASH?

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