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    No, reviews can be left only on the application that was performed, or on which the arbitration proceedings were completed.

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    What if during execution of the application something went wrong? And how do I notify the platform contact center?

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    I don't understand the question... Do you want to say how to leave a review until the application is completed?

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    Yes. Let's say during the transfer the transfer executor was gone or the seller, from whom I want to buy a cryptocurrency, didn't come to the deal. How then to be?

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    Good question... I think, in this case, we need to contact the B1 CASH Support Service directly. Accordingly, as mentioned earlier, a trilateral chat will be organized between you, the performer and the arbitration representative.

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    And another question: the site states that has the possibility of cash collection. What is it like? Do they have their own cash collection service?

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    As far as I understand, they haven't. It's a different matter cause you can leave a note that in order to complete a cash operation you need to do a performer visit at your location.

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    And this is what I indicate in the system application, right?

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    Yes, exactly. Actually, in the system, there is also confirmation of the application by the performer. After its execution, you already confirm that the application was fulfilled.

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    What will happen when the one has confirmed, and the other has refused to do so for some reason and the application had been suspended as unfulfilled?

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