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    Well, here again, arbitration will help. By the way, if you just don't think that the application was completed this is also a direct road to Arbitration. This button is available on the application form.

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    And who knows when 531,000 Blok will be? I calculated that this will be the beginning of July...

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    Yes, that's about right. I'd like to see how btc1 will work in real life...

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    And bitcoin one really can give such a high speed, which the creator declares?

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    Well, it obviously will be possible to check only after the fork has taken place. Now, we can only focus on what is written on the site of the project and on social pages.

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    Do you think the hybrid processing, on which the fork will be implemented, really works? In fact, I never even heard of such technology before.

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    Of course, it works. The project isn't created by amateurs, but the team of the company, which has already launched several digital projects. This has already been discussed earlier. Of course, to propose something that obviously doesn't work in the company, they wouldn't have dared, you know.

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    Okay, what about the fact that such a realization exists only for this company?

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    What's bothering you? Is it bad when someone gives the world new opportunities and in a different way opens a vision of what has been working for a long time? Novations are a mature approach.

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    And it doesn't happen that, as bitcoin one and develop, the transaction speed will decrease?

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