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    [ANN] [POW - Cryptonight Lite v7] introducing Xaria Coin

    Algorithm Cryptonight-lite - ASIC Resistant
    Total Supply 100 million XARI
    120 seconds block time
    Premine 15 %
    Initial Block Reward - 162.12 XARI
    Emission rate of 19 - 50% of coins mined around day 400

    CLI & GUI - Win, Linux, and Mac wallets available from our Github pages -
    Releases * xaria-coin/xaria * GitHub

    Website Xaria
    Github xaria-coin (XARIA) * GitHub
    Explorer Xaria [XARI] Block Explorer
    Twitter xaria_coin (@xaria_coin) on Twitter
    Telegram Ann
    Telegram Chat

    Official Mining Pool

    Community Mining Pools

    Block Explorer



    This coin is based on the hugely successful and secure cryptonote algorithm and incorporates all the same features you know and love that can be found on coins such as Monero & Bytecoin.
    Xaria will be adding an additional feature rarely seen in cryptonote, our aim is to support and help those in need, first by utilising the premine, and once this has been exhausted the transaction fee will be increased slightly and collected, coupled with donations from our community this will keep the good work going.
    There is a 15% premine, of this premine 80% is going to be reserved for charitable donations and the other 20% for exchange listings (unfortunately they're not free!), and that's it, the devs of Xaria will not be taking a penny. We plan to make a donation to charity approximately 30 days after the first exchange listing, or on the 1st January 2019 (whichever is the latter), then on the same date each month. Once the coin is listed we will also begin voting for the second charity to be supported, this process will repeat continuously. As one donation is made we will already be in the process of selecting the next one.
    We are going to be deploying both Discord & Telegram bots that will show any transactions in or out of the Xaria wallets. This is being instigated in order to alleviate any concerns that investors & miners may have that we won't do as we have promised. Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the world and we would like to see some of the revenues created by them put back to the community to make a real difference
    Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and if you like the idea of this project please join our community, we're on most social media outlets with a few others to follow shortly.

    [size=14pt]Premine Details[/size]

    Details of the usage of the premine are as follows:

    15 million XARI total premine, split into 2 parts:
    12 million XARI for charitable donations
    3 million XARI for exchange listings

    None of the premine is going to the devs

    Approximately 30 days from the first exchange listing, or on the 1st January 2019 (whichever is the latter), the first charitable donation will be made, this has been already been selected as Water-aid (
    1 million XARI will either be transferred to a wallet they hold, or sold on the exchange and a donation will be made in either BTC, GBP or USD, whichever they prefer.
    After this a new charity or a selection of charities will be nominated and voted for by the community on a month by month basis, for now all voting will take place on discord.
    Anyone can nominate a charity and anyone can vote for a charity - voting is currently open for the second donation in our Discord group , so head over there now and get involved!

    Voting Schedule Example

    1st Jan - List on exchange
    1st Feb - 1st donation made, voting for 2nd donation closes, voting for 3rd donation begins
    1st Mar - 2nd donation made, voting for 3rd donation closes, voting for 4th donation begins
    1st Apr - 3rd donation made, voting for 4th donation closes, voting for 5th donation begins

    And so on...

    Help us get isted on exchanges by voting for us at the below links...






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    We're currently 3rd to be listed on, please help us by voting or donating geekcash to push us up to 1st - Blockchain Assets Trading Platform

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