Goldencoin - globally accepted cryptocurrency.
A whole layer of banking bureaucracy is removed, lowering costs. Gold's value as currency is an abstract social construct.

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Goldencoin GDC

Goldencoin GDC

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Ethereum Accounts, Address And Contracts

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Ethplorer: Address: 0xdae5447cec97be20a187244d4a8b4338367680de

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Goldencoin GDC is a key component of the system that enables next generation banking system GDC perform two main objectives:
First, the token is the fuel of an internal mechanism of the Goldencoin ecosystem. Second, it is part of the governance component of the GDC system.

Our platform covers technical development: Goldencoin Debit Card, Goldencoin Blockchain Gaming Platform, Scalability Golden Plasma, GDC Artificial Intelligence, Goldencoin DEXes swaps, DApps, Goldencoin Social Networks, Mining.

Goldencoin GDC Functionalities

Goldencoin Banking EcoSystem

GDC In The Goldencoin Banking EcoSystem

Goldencoin Debit Card, Service Highlight

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