I browsed my circle of friends this morning and saw this message. It feels like eating an egg and being stunned,it was super speechless!

I think the investors who see in this message are going to cry, think of a good way out before running, leaving investors without a way to appeal, with tearless grief! The disguised comfort became a naked mockery.

Although the behavior of the announcement issued by the exchange is quite exotic, but the exchange’s running away in the coin circle is nothing new. Since this year, there have been countless exchanges’ closures or running.

Many small exchanges set up projects between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the hottest years for digital currencies. plus the necessary development cycle, the online time is basically around April. However, bitcoin fell down to around $6,000 in April again, and the bear market was established. The entire coin market, whether it is the capital side or the ordinary retail investors, are shrouded in the haze. As soon as the small exchanges came online, they were hit with a bang. The retail investors in the bear market began to cut the loss or temporarily wait and see. The loss of capital side was severe, and they decided to withdraw. There is no intrinsic profitability and no external blood transfusion support. It is inevitable that it will be a "death" , it's better to make a fast buck and run away.

Therefore, the security and credibility of the exchange has become the first concern of our investors. At present, digital currency trading is prohibited in China, so many friends who still want to buy and sell digital currency do not know how to buy and sell it. so which platforms are the players who are now trading on?

Founded in 2018, Wafcoin (WA) is the world's first exchange with a dual license in the Virgin Islands. The platform provides safe, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain token economic transaction services to users around the world, to create the world's first blockchain token ecological trading platform.

Advantages of the platform: The Wafcoin platform has a financial-level distributed cluster architecture, more than 2 million level of matching algorithm, bank-level security encryption and ODAT offline acceleration, and multi-signature hot and cold wallet isolation technology to ensure high reliability, high performance and strong security of the platform.

Six cores: Value, Sharing, Autonomy, Enabling, Security, Decentralized management

Wafcoin launched the WA Ecological Program, which is both a representative of the Wafcoin platform’s stakes and a representative of WA's ecological stakes. It can efficiently and reliably implement proof of stakes represented by tokens, including circulation, dividends, and voting-based community governance functions, which are the basis for building a future token economy.

The global ecological program will focus on market investors, miners, project parties, trading users, media and other partners, focusing on project incubation, community matrix and other applied ecological scenarios, to achieve the diversified layout of the platform WA and the continued growth of investment value.

As we all know, ecosystem is the top-level design that represents the future, and will be the ultimate business format of the future blockchain industry. It is also the a mission and responsibility of the industry leader, wafcoin, to build a top-level ecosystem. At the same time, for a token trading platform, the potential behind this is even more limitless. Because this ecosystem not only revitalizes the users of the platform itself, but also attracts more investors, project parties and ordinary users to participate in the ecosystem of WA with diversified services, which will promote the whole ecosystem to generate more energy and commercial value.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable exchange. I remind all friends here that there are many scammers on the investment road, we must be cautious!