Recently, “What is Peppa Pig” has swept the circle of friends, and a video of just a few minutes has spread throughout the country. In the video, there is not only many segments of fun story that Grandpa is in the process of exploring Peppa Pig, but also shows his grandfather’s concern for his grandson, his son’s filial piety to his father, and the last three generations of the family affinity when the whole family of three generations is together. After the laughter and pleasant in after-taste, I believe that I can feel a little warm in this cold winter. In fact, there is also a "Peppa Pig" organization in the coin circle. Who is this organization? What is Peppa Pig?

This winter, the price of coins has dropped steadily, but the people in the coin circle have no power to fight. But the AtoX project has been in full swing. It is based on Blockchain4.0 technology to create a truly decentralized ecosystem that supports multiple cryptocurrencies even across-chain trading and payment. And it launched the cross-chain wallet AtoXSwap running on AtoXChain and supported by AtoXcoin. The AtoX projects include: exchange, AXC token, AtoXSwap wallet, AtoX nodes, AtoX ecosystems and other issues of concern to our coin friends, here is a one-stop shop. Once the AtoX project is announced, the entire coin circle will be warm. Everyone believes AtoX will lead the coin circle to create a bull market. Next, I will lead everyone to unveil the mystery of AtoX.

AtoX builds a decentralized exchange

At present, the centralized trading platform is widely used, and the centralized transaction entrusted ledger is susceptible to human tampering and hacking, which has the possibility of counterfeiting and cheating transactions, and the security risks of stolen funds.

AtoX uses a payment ecosystem such as cross-border transactions to construct a digital trading system that avoids the above-mentioned defects and decentralizes in the real sense. Using the “cross-chain lightning trading” as the core, it exploits the scalability of the lightning network to enable high-speed trading between almost any blockchain by the counterparty. At the same time, the exchange rate is detected in real time by the off-chain transaction entrusted ledger stored on the IPFS. Taking into account the impact on the ecological environment, a consensus mechanism that is both energy efficient and reduces Dijkstra is used.

AXC token
AXC is a special token in the AtoX project. It is designed to enhance the functionality of our platform. If the user needs an instant transaction between two Blockchains, a perfect peer matching is not always guaranteed. As a result, AtoXCoin serves as a tool to facilitate fast transactions while maintaining the decentralization of the network. The functionality of AtoXCoin naturally supports its value; it is designed to avoid large fluctuations or declining value.

AtoXSwap wallet

Cross-chain wallet is a piece of software that implements deterministic functionality. The deterministic function here refers to mapping the private key of the cryptocurrency to the corresponding public key and address. With these functions, the wallet can reconstruct the corresponding address under the given private key, and by adding the unspent transaction output, it can easily show the amount of funds available to the person who owns the private key. The wallet can also recreate the payment history of the address stored on the Blockchain. The currency exchange in the AtoXSwap cross-chain wallet is not performed by any centralized transaction, so our technology greatly improves security for the end user: the private key is all in the user's own hands and not stored on a hackable “transaction server”.

AtoX node
1. Regular node: The lightning network selects the “resistance minimum path” between the two parties to the transaction, and in this way ensures that the handling fee is kept in a reasonable equilibrium state. Get the block reward share from the super node connected to it. The sharing quota can be set by the super node itself.
2. Entitled regular nodes: The entitled regular nodes are regular nodes that have the additional rights to eligible in the election of supernode. In order to prevent attempts to establish a malicious subnet on a cross-chain lightning network, we artificially set this threshold for security reasons.
3. SuperNode:The supernode is also a physical device. In addition to acting as a regular node, it is also responsible for verifying the integrity of new transactions on the AtoX Blockchain.

AtoX Ecosystem
Ecological construction is an indispensable part of the Blockchain project. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and other relatively leading Blockchain, each has a strong ecosystem. However, most of the past projects used the idea of“cutting leeks” to engage in ecosystem, and turn ICO, a great technological invention, degenerate from a credit machine into a scam tool. As a result, the market plunged mercilessly, the lesson was very painful, and the blockchain revolution was almost ruined.
AtoX follows the win-win spirit of sharing and co-governance, and regards ecological construction as the strategic fulcrum of Blockchain project, making full use of its core technology, business model, token economic model, ecological construction, team strength, capital and resource capabilities to create a blockchain project that with fast profitable, sustainable development,achieving unity of social contribution, the head effect has emerged,and it has become a leader.
AtoX is the core value of the AtoX project culture by taking the ecosystem as the home and taking the eco-builders as family members. AtoX practices the eradication of ICO’s cutting leeks, returns to the value source of Blockchain, allows the ecosystem to grow together with the project, and get rich together, creating a new ecological construction model.

AtoX has all you want, and say something important a few times! ! !

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