According to relevant statistics, the transaction volume of cross-border e-commerce and the proportion to the total value of imports and exports have been increasing year by year in the past five years. In 2016, the total value of imports and exports reached 25.1 trillion, and the cross-border e-commerce transaction volume reached 6.8 trillion. , accounting for 27%. The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has driven the demand for cross-border electronic payment market, which has driven the overall cross-border payment market to enter a new stage of development.

However, how to solve the problem of "cross-border e-commerce has the problems of slow collection of payment, high cost, less users source, and insufficient information and trust of overseas merchants have become difficult problems in the industry." In recent years, blockchain technology has arisen, and at first it was just the underlying technology of Bitcoin, with the advancement of technology, more and more application scenarios can not be separated from it, and it plays an important role in cross-border payment.

Tark Wallet is a digital asset wallet based on blockchain 4.0 technology. With its technical strength, it is based on the political arena of the blockchain, It starts from the security of user assets and creates a data architecture for deep-seated storage and management of users’ keys. A high-level security mechanism protects the private key's habitat in an all-round way and is committed to building a global open network payment system.
The two basic functions of the blockchain wallet are “receipt” and “transfer”. Just like using a bank card to deposit and withdraw money, you need a card number and password to make secure deposits and withdrawals. In the blockchain wallet, a "wallet address" (which can be regarded as a card number) for receiving various types of digital currency is created, and a corresponding "private key" (which can be regarded as a password) is generated. A good blockchain project must be deeply integrated with Token. Bitcoin has created a decentralized ecological model. In this model, anyone or organization can become the boss of a small (medium)-sized community with their own efforts (computer power), which is impossible in the traditional field. A series of applications, such as decentralization, anonymity, irreversibility, consensus, and so on, are in fact inefficient, and maintaining these inefficient applications to develop is the benefit-incentive mechanism, token reward.

And the token has a certain amount of value, why use digital assets to motivate? Because the total value of the token is constant, and the number is open, and it's available on the blockchain, so that the holder can recognize that it will be better to develop one's own community. Following let me emphatically introduce a recently hot decentralized blockchain wallet: T-ark wallet.
T-ark Wallet is a wallet application that opens up digital currency and the physical world. It has unique cross-chain and cross-contract technology and combines its own high-performance public chain to provide a strong infrastructure for the digital currency currency. T-ark's support for multiple blockchain assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream digital currencies for unified storage, management and exchange transactions, not only fully control their digital assets, but also greatly reduces the digital currency. The use of thresholds and management burdens can support the storage of all digital asset tokens worldwide, greatly improving the convenience and liquidity of user asset storage.
At the same time, T-ark Wallet gives more scenarios for storage and circulation, wallet users can use the assets in the wallet to purchase in the mall, and then T-ark will continue to implant blockchain small games , leisure and entertainment in the wallet, and even some more high-end application scenarios, it has been developed into the most practical payment tools in the token industry.
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