What is a wallet?

The wallet that we are accustomed to know is made of leather or other materials, which can be put cash or some cards in. The wallet is called a wallet because the wallet can be used to put money in. Unless the wallet is stolen, under normal circumstances, only you have right of control over the money in the wallet. The blockchain asset wallet is also similar, the third party canít control without authorization.

The blockchain solves the problem of trust on a large scale and is very secure. As an important entrance in this blockchain ecosystem, the wallet has always been highly anticipated.

What is the value of the blockchain wallet?

Alipay accounts for most of the market share of RMB transactions, so Alipay has become a payment tool that many trading scenarios cannot go around. The platform of e-commerce, travel booking, knowledge services and other platforms we are familiar with, and will use the Alipay app on the mobile phone to complete the final payment process. Similarly, the future of digital assets on the blockchain is likely to make transactions more frequent due to the emergence of large-scale DAPP, so that convenient and fast wallet products are very necessary.

When using a wallet, you've got to learn more. Because the blockchain is anonymous, real-name authentication is not required for using various wallets. Although you can see the transfer address of the transaction, you do not know who the address is. Moreover, the information in the blockchain is irreversible. If you are not careful to enter the right address, you won't be able to find it back. Where did we put our digital assets in our wallets? Is it in the wallet?

The decentralized blockchain wallet we use is actually just a blockchain software. Your digital asset is not stored in the wallet company, nor on your mobile device, it is still in the address of the blockchain network. The wallet just shows you the various codes of the blockchain through the server, and establishes a channel to send your various operational orders to the blockchain. Therefore,there is not the case where the bank freezes your account or the company freezes your account with the blockchain wallet. As long as the private key is lost, you can no longer open the wallet and lose the coins in your wallet. From this point of view, in fact, the security of the wallet has a lot to do with your private key, because the wallet service provider will not keep your private key, it will not be placed on the server; even if there is a problem with the wallet, you cannot log in, or the version is updated, or hacked, and so on, it will not affect your assets. In this case, the private key is actually the most important thing to save digital assets.
T-ark wallet, is deeply loved and welcomed by users

T-ark Wallet is a wallet application that connects the digital assets and the physical world. It has unique cross-chain and cross-contract technology and combines its own high-performance public blockchain to provide a strong infrastructure for the field of digital currency. T-ark supports for multiple blockchain assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream digital currencies for unified storage, management and exchange transactions, users can not only fully control their digital assets, but also greatly reduce the use threshold and management burden of digital assets.At the same time, T-ark has given more scenarios to the storage and circulation. Wallet users can use the assets in the wallet for shopping in the mall. Subsequently, T-ark will continue to insert blockchain games, leisure, entertainment and even more high-end applications in their wallets. It has been developed into the most practical payment tools in the industry, and are trusted and loved by users.

The wallet itself is just a tool, but the wallet is not only a tool for the users, but how to provide users with a deeper level of service to meet their core needs is fundamental. T-ark will live up to expectations and strive to provide users with better and more considerate services!