Wafcoin (WA) is a secure, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain token economic trading service for global users, and builds the world's first co-governance platform for blockchain ecological transaction.

Financial-grade distributed cluster architecture, more than 200 million-level matching algorithm, bank-level security encryption and ODAT offline acceleration, multi-signature hot and cold wallet isolation technology, to ensure the high reliability, high performance and strong security of the token platform. Solve the problems of high costs of launching new project, long trading hours, unfair distribution of benefits, and financial security.

7 core of Wafcoin (WA) trading platform: value, sharing, autonomy, empowerment, security, decentralized management, distributed management

5 major contents: 1. Registered and fund-raising mining 2.Dividends for inviting to register 3. Holding WA to get dividends 4. Platform ecosystem can only be delivered and not sold, and those who receive it enjoy rich returns. 5. Those who have outstanding contributions to the platform can get rich rewards.

The Wafcoin (WA) token Trading Platform has created a new complete trading ecosystem service system based on the token economy. Since the launch of the platform, the platform has attracted much attention. For the issuance of STO security securities, the traditional digital currency trading platform and the traditional financial industry, it has undoubtedly opened a new era. Under the effective supervision of the government departments, the prospect of joint application of traditional financial industry and blockchain is moving in a positive direction.

At present, as we have seen, the securities-based securities token industry of asset securitization has been in the midst of a cold winter, and STO has ushered in the dual dawn and opportunities of the traditional financial industry and the emerging blockchain industry.