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  1. Maya Preferred 223 Backs Bitcoin With Gold And Silver

    Maya Preferred 223 remains a stable coin. Every token in this coin gets a support of about twenty-three thousand dollars worth of silver and gold. It is the first time for anything of this nature to...
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    Calculate to perfection

    A lot of people want to succeed or become perfect in business and all that, but very few are capable of getting their strategies and methods right. So this is where it is so important that we do hard...
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    It is very very important that we don’t just...

    It is very very important that we don’t just forever work on developing the trading plan, as that’s not helpful beyond a time. So we should try to move into bigger zones. It’s not hard if you are...
  4. Anchor - the world’s only stable cryptocurrency

    Anchor - the worlds only stable cryptocurrency

    What we are:

    The Anchor is a stable currency designed to preserve and enhance the value of your holdings. The...
  5. 👋👋👋 BitParadise 👋👋👋 Telegram Airdrop Campaign​!

    Hello all respected community members and our users.

    We are inviting you to join us on BitParadise - Telegram Airdrop Campaign to get rewards. Not just that you...
  6. Quanta Networks ICO phase is now Live

    The token sale funds Quanta Networks mission to solve Global Telecom Security Issue

    Quanta Networks, a Blockchain compliant mobile telecommunication network, has launched the ICO for its Ethereum...
  7. Quanta Networks - Secure Blockchain Compliant Telecom

    Every day, new blockchain applications keep emerging. Many companies have taken the clue to implement blockchain and utilizing the benefits it all bring. The blockchain technology deals with...
  8. [ANN][ICO] ✅ Bit-Paradise ✅ Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game

    Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game

  9. [ANN] 🔥 Maya Preferred 223 🔥 (Gold & Silver backed) - Trading LIVE at $2,500!


    Gold and Silver Backed Cryptocurrency ...

    GeopolitiAAUC continues to influence markets

    In our Investment Outlook 2019, we identified...
  11. FOLEX The Future of Trading and Gambling with Ease

    As cryptocurrencies tend to rise in popularity, most online gambling sites have taken the advantage of accommodating a new form of payment. Today, whatever kind of activity you previously enjoyed...
  12. BTC-Upgrade - The RARE legitimate opportunity!

    Life is really precious and enjoyable too, especially when there are financial certainty and security, but that often is missing. Sometimes, it is to do with genuine issues while sometimes, it is to...
  13. Playerbitcoin - Prediction Gaming!

    In times when financial requirements are becoming more demanding, the options for investments too are becoming highly challenging. With such a scenario building up, the rise of Cryptocurrencies cant...
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    New Airdrop: Coinxes

    New Airdrop: Coinxes

    💲 Total reward: 15 CXG [~$3] + 30 CXG [~$6] per referral

    🔴 Start the Telegram Bot

    (Telegram: Contact @coinxes_Airdropbot Register an account on the Coinxes ...
  15. Btconlineinvestment - Investment of the future!

    Cryptocurrencies have become a major point of interest in peoples lives, especially for the Youth! And with the growing popularity, there is always a desire of making the investment in the industry...
  16. Amazon stock is a safe bet for beginners?

    Mostly when we talk about Trading of any style and way, its often said to be high on risk and often very challenging too. So where do we exactly do? The answer that comes to mind is Amazon Stocks,...
  17. This is one of the most fascinating opportunities...

    This is one of the most fascinating opportunities you can ever see!
  18. [ANN] [BGX] BitcoinGenX || Zerocoin & Green Protocol || PoS/MN || 5M MAX SUPPLY
  19. Coinsquare: The Digital Asset Trading Platform with a Difference

    Since a couple of years ago, global attention has shifted drastically to investing in digital assets. The good news is the avalanche of platforms where individuals...
  20. Myicopad: Taking Initial Coin Offering to the Next Level

    The cryptocurrency industry is gradually evolving. As the awareness for digital currency and GAMING Token Offerings increases, STARS has joined the list of cryptocurrency companies that are throwing...
  21. XchangeRate Product Launch Announcement
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    Cointalkr - The Sentiment Master!

    Life is really precious yet often people are forced to compromise on the quality of it, due to the financial challenges they face. With the fast life of this generation, its hard to face the day to...
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    How trade Crypto successfully?

    When it comes to trading, it can be done by ANYONE and EVERYONE with rather ease and comfort, but to do it successfully is the main question. The first step is to have Bitcoin broker that is...
  24. TakiCoin - offering comprehensive solutions based on blockchain technology

    TakiCoin LTD was founded in 2018 during the boom of cryptocurrencies. And today everything we do is based on the principle "We make it easy for you".

    TakiCoin -...
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    We really need to be wise and careful with this...

    We really need to be wise and careful with this way since it’s too risky for simple people. So, we MUST be wise and alert to things and ensure that we don’t do anything silly. I only prefer...
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