What is Mankind First?

January 11, 2018... The first heartbeat of an idea that will soon be known to everyone.
MKF is easily explained as a human collaboration platform for a better future for Mankind. A platform that will work beside any politics, race, and religion. We all admire people who work together for the greater cause instead of working against each other.
MKF will form this platform that will define its members not based on the skin color religion or race.
MKF will define its members by their contribution to projects that will benefit mankind. The road ahead is a long way and will be not achievable in 1 - 2 years time span. It will take decades to fully establish this idea, but MKF is just getting started!

Before achieving those ambitious goals some steps had to be taken. MKF created an ERC20 MKF token on the Ethereum Blockchain with contract address: 0x3E01B9ea9db8f17AB1825d848b2f2e04f57CaF09.
To align with the idea of non-segregation, MKF had to distribute its tokens fairly, so a faucet was opened to everyone to enable them to acquire 30,000 MKF tokens through a completely free and self-funded airdrop at https://faucet.mankindfirst.com to enable everyone to be eligible to participate in the vision.

What are MKF's short-term goals?

  • Finalising a fair airdrop (which is quite difficult)
  • Listing on exchanges and recruiting council workers and friends.

Long-term goals?

To establish a Council that will prepare and define universal Mankind Codes for future collaboration. All Mankind codes are subject to voting, and it requires only 0.0000000000001 MKF to cast a vote.
Some codes are already defined temporarily.

MKF says no to racism.
Every human can have their choice of religion (or no religion).
MKF is committed to encouraging decent humanity, as nobody is perfect.
MKF will not interfere with politics.
MKF is not above the law.

As MKF does not intend to harm our environment, MKF is currently planning to utilize the upcoming Chia.Network as voting / collabration backbone, although MKF is not a blockchain tech company.
Future MKF projects could be health, space tech or other technologies. Decentralized, organized, supported by MKF.

MKF will not only create a benefit for mankind it will also form a foundation that will create economic power so more projects can be started.
Keep in mind, MKF is not an attempt to unify cultures and nations in one mixed block. Be proud of your culture and your nation, but keep in mind you are part of "mankind". MKF is the meta-level where humans will work together for a better future.

Distribution Plan


Resources & Links

BitcoinTalk: [ANN] Mankind First - Cross National Cross Cultural. CHIA.NETWORK)
Discord: Discord
Website: https://www.mankindfirst.com
Twitter: Mankind First 2018 (@mankindfirst1) on Twitter
Wallet: https://www.myetherwallet.com
Token: https://ethplorer.io/address/0x3e01b...2f2e04f57caf09
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 (5 billion)
Faucet: https://faucet.mankindfirst.com