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    Lightbulb Top 3 Low Cap Altcoins to invest in 2019-2020

    What’s more, many new cryptocurrencies are emerging while we speak. These cryptocurrencies provide an alternative to Bitcoin, which is why they are called Altcoins. With hundreds of altcoins out there, choosing the best ones for investment can be a challenging task. But you need not worry because we have it all sorted for you. This article will give you a list of top 3 altcoins to invest in 2019 and 2020. By the time this article ends, you will have a fair idea about some of the hottest altcoins doing the rounds in the crypto market.

    MMOCoin (MMO)

    MMOCoin is a cryptocurrency developed by the MMOPro Community, a large gaming community consisting of over 270,000 registered members. MMOCoin is built on an environmentally friendly proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and features a unique tiered staking rewards system, It rewards users of the network for securing the blockchain by staking their MMOCoin.
    With MMOCoin gamers are able to buy, sell, and trade nearly anything to enhance their gaming experience, as well as purchase numerous other digital products and services. With a single currency dedicated to gamers, the users are able to quickly and securely acquire exactly what they need for their next mission, quest, or competition!
    For years MMOPro has operated a friendly forum community that allowed users to seek out like-minded individuals, game together, and trade. This community has served the members needs well for almost ten years. However, with the advancement of web development and the innovations that cryptocurrency brings, MMOPro knew they needed to remodel their process to give their users access to this revolutionary technology. Enter the MMO Marketplace - a fully developed user experience that will rival the likes of eBay and Amazon.
    The easy to use interface makes finding exactly what gamers need easier than ever before. Sorted by game and type of service/product, the intuitive categories and sub-categories help you locate exactly what you need. With the advent of MMOCoin, the MMOPro Marketplace has a dedicated payment option that MMO members, or anyone else, can use. With a built-in Escrow service, the chances of manipulation and foul play are averted.
    This is the next step in customer experience gamers have been longing for!

    StakecubeCoin (SCC)

    StakeCubeCoin (SCC) is the currency created to support and implement user-focused functions on the StakeCube platform. The project describes itself as a Staking Pool created in June 2018 that has reportedly grown to service 30,000 users across 45 different crypto assets. The project's goal is to become the predominant staking service in crypto space. Implemented features include allowing users to host their own masternodes, a shared MN program run by StakeCube, an integrated exchange and the opportunity to earn interest on crypto assets.

    Qredit (XQR)

    Qredit is the native exchange currency of the Altilly Exchange. Qredit reportedly launched its main net in August 2018 using the Ark codebase with the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus with 50+ delegates forging on the network. Qredit advertises itself as having features such as; Smart Contracts, Valkyrie (Blockchain Deployer), Fiat conversions, NFC payments, and unique KYC features. More information is visible on the Qredit website. The goal is to allow merchants to easily implement Qredit in their store with the use of our wallets without spending money on unnecessary hardware. Qredit is reportedly fully open-source and written in Typescript, allowing anyone to build or fork their own chain using the Qredit codebase.

    With the high level of vulnerability winning in the crypto business, it is practically difficult to anticipate which coins would continue performing in the more drawn outrun. Be that as it may, watching out for the patterns would unquestionably give you a thought regarding the top altcoins to put resources into 2019 and 2020. Ideally, this article will furnish you with sufficient data to pick your most loved top 3 altcoins for 2019 and 2020.

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    I am sorry but it will be crazy to judge it like that. I will say we could rather go for proper Cryptocurrency Charts, as it’s something that will enable us to pick the right option. It will be next to impossible for us to be successful without these things, so this is where our whole focus needs and got to be in order to succeed. It’s all far from easiest of things but it’s all very much doable if we want to climb up the ladder to succeed.

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