cUSD Currency Official Airdrop Program Launched in Partnership with BuzzIN

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More about cUSD Currency

cUSD is your digital money so people can live better lives. Almost fee free transactions, a decentralized network that is peer to peer. cUSD Currency is for everyone!. cUSD Currency is designed to let dollars move globally from your crypto wallet to other exchanges, businesses, and people. cUSD is an Ethereum token, so you can store it in an Ethereum-compatible wallet.

cUSD Currency (CUSD) is a type of cryptocurrency that is in the family of what is called stablecoins. Though cUSD is not pegged to the price of USD it seeks to emulate its value as much as possible. We are essentially an digital alternative to USD. Also we believe in the end fiat USD can fail in its price and value through massive inflation. So we would rather allow the crypto market based on BTC (an digital gold) dictate our value. cUSD Currency is a cryptocurrency, built on a blockchain designed with security in mind. Delivering world-class security. Whatever you can do with digital currencies, you can now do with digital cash.