KawBet players can now earn bitcoin by inviting players

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Bitcoin anonymous crypto casino & sportsbook company Kawbet.com would like to invite you to participate in the KAWBET affiliate program or player referral incentive program at partnerskawbet.com

Kawbet partners video guide

KawBet Partner Affiliate Tutorial - YouTube

How does it work?
You refer players to us using a unique registration link, your players register using your link and you get fixed 40% from their gaming revenue.

How much can I earn?
This offer will give you the opportunity to earn a minimum of 0.001-5 BTC per month if you just perform the basic online promotions or spend at least 2 hours a day promoting your link/promo code and inviting players from your website, videos, social, review or any creative online sources.

How can I start?
If you're interested please create an account at partnerskawbet.com and send an email to [email protected] for account activation you may also contact the 24/7 live support at kawbet.com