started with the HOUSE and AVO tokens. We added EGGS, and finally, we're cooking up some TOAST.
This is a community project. HOUSE, AVO and EGGS all have fixed supplies and are totally and fairly distributed to the community.
TOAST is our inflationary rewards token, and is only earned by participating in pools here. Like all of our tokens, it has a 0% DEV SHARE!
There were no ICOs, no presales, no airdrops, no early wallets, and no dev/team wallets or funds.

Rug? Not possible. Admin keys burned. No DEV share.

Upcoming news
We have also updated our website in preparation for an upcoming feature – BURNING TOAST !
Check out the beta version of the new website at All pools are now being loaded in automatically from the smart contract in preparation for when people will be able to add their own pools!

We are currently running a testnet contract in order to test our upcoming feature, BURNING TOAST .
If you would like to join us in testing out this contract (and you understand how to interact with contracts directly), please head over to our Home Owner’s Association Telegram channel and join the discussion: Telegram: Contact @collablandbot

- Current price: $17 / 24h ATH $40
- Current Market Cap: $340k
- Starting (max.) supply: 20,000 $HOUSE