is a decentralized land listing application, Land LayBy Listing (otherwise known as ( LLL ) with the potential to bring sanity and sanctity of land information systems management in all developing countries. It will create trust between land sellers and buyers, and secure land owners assets against deliberate or inadvertent deletion of the governmentÂ’s land registry information.
What the problem is?
In many developing regions of the world, citizens in diaspora send home over USD 660B per annum for the purchase of land and other investments. The problem is, in many cases purchase and title records for landed property transactions arenÂ’t readily available and are rarely upheld in cases of dispute. Such attempts to purchase therefore often end in loss of money and falling prey to fraudulent activities of agents and middlemen.
What we are doing to solve it?
We have designed a blockchain platform Land LayBy Listing (LLL), which provides a history of immutable and incorruptible land ownership details accessible by anyone where land transaction and title deed information can be verified by purchase of landed property from any part of the world.

Powered by the Harambee token (HRBE). Land LayBy will collaborate with independent data validators (approved advocates) to create an independent verification and single source of truth for land ownership. These records will be immutable, available to the public, government, law courts, financial agents and institutions and both land buyers and seller.
Token Information:
Token Name: Harambee Token (HRBE)
Token Price : 0.70 USD
HRBE Pre Sale Start Date: September 1, 2018
HRBE Pre Sale End Date: September 15, 2018
HRBE TDE Start Date: October 1, 2018
HRBE TDE End Date: October 31, 2018
TOEN AMUONT: 500M (500 000 000).

Token Sale Distribution Information:
[ANN] [HRBE TOKEN] [Resolving Land Disputes through Blockchain]

- 262600000 Reserved for producers (26.25%)
- 200000000 Pre Sale tokens (20%)
- 300000000 Mam Safe Event (30%)
- 237,500,000 Team Reserve (23.75%)
Development and R&D (41 %)
Operation Human Resources (26%)
Office & Professional Expenses (6%)
Partners (2%)
Buffer (7%)
Marketing (18%)

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