Mercury Core

Introducing Mercury Core upgraded generation of core fork

MCY will completely change the perception of the DeFi lending protocol for the digital assets platform and innovate the Decentralized Finance system word-wide


MCY is a non-inflationary cryptocurrency designed to execute profit-generating strategies autonomously with a completely decentralized approach (no developer funds) and real community governance. In existing autonomous strategy-executing platforms, a team or single developer is solely responsible for determining how locked funds are used to generate ROI. This is hazardous to the fund’s health as it grows, as it creates flawed incentives and invites mistakes to be made. MCY does away with this dynamic and instead opts for one with decentralized governance. Real governance community, no developer funds! MCY tokens holders will be able to provide strategy contracts and vote on what goes live. In order to decentralize the autonomous strategy, execution.5% of all profits generated from these strategies are used to auto market-buy the MCY token.

Users can utilize our services to divide their investments between various services like Staking, Swap Yield Farming, creating digital content NFTs, Trading digital content NFTs, microlending, etc. The first version of the Mercury Core (MCY) allows startups to launch and manage NFT creators, which will enable users to create, sell, or auction digital content.

Our solution is called deflationary farming, and it is quite simple in only two steps:

1.Charge a fee on token transfers

2.Users can earn the fee by staking

This simple process means that those holding tokens can farm without infinite inflation.

A fee of 2 % will be taken from every transaction that transfers MCY, 1% will be distributed to MCY LP stakeholders, 0.5% will be distributed to MCY stakeholders, and 0.5% will buyback and burn MCY tokens. This allows all MCY ecosystem to benefit from it and experience exponential growth.

MERCURY CORE products:

*Staking incentivizes long-term holders. BEST staking apr available on the market daily 0,4% | 0,5%

*Dual farming with native staking

*Decentralized AMM perpetual contract exchange transaction fees will buyback and burn MCY

*Lending protocol for digital assets

*NFT content creator

*Trading ALL NFT S content platform transaction fees will buyback and burn MCY.

*MCY vault A decentralized yield aggregator will automatically move positions between agreements to help depositors obtain the highest financial income, withdrawal fees will buyback and burn MCY.

*Microlending is the provision of small, low-interest loans to individuals and businesses. Mercury Core vault intends to facilitate lenders offering undercollateralized loans of smaller value to borrowers. Existing lenders proportionately share inherent risks of credit default and non- payment.

*Lenders here provide liquidity to pools meant for portfolios of many dozens of microloans. By spreading the risk across many lenders, it is ensured that the whole portfolio is not wiped out, and loss is shared. This facilitates the expansion of lending markets to new dimensions that DeFi has yet to witness.


We are 3 Experienced Blockchain Developers with a scientific mindset, specialized in JavaScript back-end development. We will provide a truly decentralized and real governance smart contract Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


Oct 11, 2020, LP event start LP event will end Oct 25, 2020, end 22:00 UTC 10.000 LP tokens will be distributed between contributors.

Mercury Core Liquidity Pooling event for UniSwap allows investors to lock their ETH. After the event is over, all deposited ETH will be deposited as liquidity to UniSwap. ETH depositors will be able to claim their share of LP tokens once the event has ended and liquidity has been added. No dev funds!

There is no possibility of minting other MCY tokens. This means the circulating supply will only decrease. MCY will fully capture all the Mercury Core ecosystem’s benefits, buyback, and burn until 1 MCY.A deflationary, limited supply of MCY tokens!


To encourage real value and TVL to flow into MCY, MCY smart contracts employ interchangeable strategies that farm the coins inside the pools. This gives a great incentive to anyone who wants to farm MCY with coins other than MCY /ETH. All the yield from staked funds will go to market-buy MCY. This creates a positive relationship for both parties. MCY holders will always benefit from yield-bearing activities done on the MCY smart contracts. Even when farmers sell, a transfer fee on MCY tokens sales is returned to the farming pools. This means buying pressure will generally be more intense than selling pressure.

Bottom line — Governance ensures APY is higher in MCY Vault pools.

Many believe that adding additional pools is disincentivized because it can dilute the rewards for the pools people are currently farming. In our model, this is lessened by the nature of MCY fees being paid out by additional farming pools. Although farmers are diluted in their rewards, MCY will appreciate it due to the positive market pressure.

Real Governance

MCY is designed for great community governance. The community decides everything, from developer fees to deciding on the fee approver contract, adding new pools, rebalancing, and even disabling pools in the MCY Transfer contract.

If the holders decide MCY Vault should have a YFI pool, we can set Introducing MCY.

The question is not, “Why, MCY?” The question is, “What will you choose to do with the power that MCY gives you?” A particular group of people knows the exact value of this cryptocurrency. The information we provide you is chosen with great care and confidence because we want to help you manage the currency that will completely change the perception of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The currency’s functioning ideology focuses on the disconnection approach, which results in constant profit in its own terms. A well-thought-out strategy was needed for this concept because the idea of stopping the risky method of making serious mistakes as the growth of the blocked fund from a certain investment was thoroughly analyzed. Therefore, the poorly-analyzed strategy deviates 99% of the person responsible for the actual approach’s intentional performance. Because the blocked amount must increase the return on investment, MCY eliminates from this discussion the potential mistakes that any investor makes, excluding any suspicion alluding to the decentralization strategy, and the approximately 6%, with an exact 5% income, are invested back in the MCY token.

This coin meets all the qualities that any owner would have created for his own success. It represents all the optimal qualities of cash flow. Therefore, MCY legalization offers well-imposed instructions by the state forms such as secure accounting and good strategy depending on the contribution plan you chose.

Why shouldn’t the profit accurately reveal the investment made? Why shouldn’t the business itself create a placebo effect and think if we are focused only on leaving the company followed by profit, why not focus on the need to enter the company rather than have what comes out? This offers MCY currency for its holders, a guaranteed gain from each contractual strategy based on always returning constant gains. MCY does not want to be a currency that degrades the monetary axis. It is proven after a long time, analysis, and money invested in this ideology that is the strategic innovation and prosperity of each investment, followed by a total success without prominent risk. It is guaranteed that MCY offers to increase the profit represented in currencies without generating market inflation. Without many examples such as sale-purchase or other situations, you now have access to the innovative platform and a new leap towards business excellence.

A new DeFi system has already been formed on a secure market under the control of the authorities. In terms of cooperation on crypto-currency, it has been transmitted and accepted by (important name of MCY currency) through the My-34 agreement signed in legal standards in October 2020. The currency charging system implies new advantages for the owner, even if the issuer of the transfer can remain in the form of anonymity.

This is a new era. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) blockchain technology now begins with MCY. Be the first to benefit from this system because, in a short time, it emerges from the information given by Paul Newlsky (financial analyst at FlyGazet) that this crypto-currency will explode in a maximum of 2 months and will reinvent business projects. You can follow us on twitter and telegram