Zealot/Enemy (z-enemy) NVIDIA GPU miner.
kawpow, x16rv2, x16r, x16s, Bitcore, Phi1612, Xevan ,Tribus , x17, c11, AeriumX, XDNA(hex), phi, phi2, skunk etc ..
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Z-ENEMY 2.6.2 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy) NEW


- Fixed compatibility with Nicehash, Miningpoolhub and some other pools ("epoch initialization failed" error).
- Fixed crash while trying to load json config files in Ubuntu 16 based distributions (HiveOS 4)
- Temporarily disabled environment variables in json config files in Ubuntu 16 based distributions (HiveOS 4)

MEGA : https://mega.nz/folder/cbAmRQCI#ZzRpmlx7tF4KGIRcT7AWiw

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Z-ENEMY 2.6.1 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

- Fixed broken non-kawpow algos in version 2.6

Version 2.6

Kawpow (RavenCoin):
- Faster initialization on multi-gpu rigs
- Performance improvements (few percent)
- Smoother gpu/power load
- Default intensity value increased from 20 to 21 for gtx 1070/1080 series

- GPU reports are now grouped together
- Average hashrate is no longer displayed incorrectly low when the miner starts up.
- Added average shares/min reports
- You can now use environment variables in your config files (%ADDR% and so on)
- Default pause time between reconnection attempts is now 10 seconds

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Z-ENEMY 2.5 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

- Added kawpow algo (Upcoming Ravencoin hardfork 6th May)

First time or troubleshooting kawpow:
- First time users - all ver. 2.02+ works on Cuda 9.x &Cuda 10.x and it is recommended to make sure you've updated your NVIDIA drivers.
- Next important thing is intensity. We recommend intensity -19 or 20,(21 for 20x0) at first.
- kawpow algo using +mem , but use no OC at first until you verify stability..
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Z-ENEMY 2.4 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

- Fixed high CPU load with latest nVidia drivers, you can expect higher hashrate on the mining rigs with lower end CPUs
- Fixed nvml.dll load error with latest nVidia drivers

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Z-ENEMY 2.3 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


- Performance improvement: +2-3% x16rv2 algo

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Z-ENEMY 2.2 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

- Added x16rv2 algo (Upcoming Ravencoin hardfork 1st Oct.)

- Added support for secure stratum+ssl connections. New --no-cert-verify key.
(Disable certificate errors check for ssl connections)
- Fixed GPU data error in json api (/hwinfo)
- Fixed phi2 bug on Cuda 10.1


IMPORTANT: Ravencoin is switching to the new x16rv2 algorithm on October 1st. There will be a new version of our miner z-enemy-2.2 with x16rv2 released in advance before the hard fork date .


Z-ENEMY 2.1 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

This version includes a new way to manage and monitor the miner.


- Performance improvements: +4-5% most algos (x16r, x16s, x17, hex, bitcore, bcd...)
- Stability improvements

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Z-ENEMY 2.00 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

This version includes a new way to manage and monitor the miner.

New features:
- Added new HTTP JSON API (see json_api_help.txt for the details), available at port 4067 by default
- Added web control panel with real-time monitoring and charts.
The UI is responsive and should be looking well on most mobile phones and tablets.

Other changes:
- The miner informs about API servers (both Telnet and HTTP) being started
- You can now disable both servers with --api-bind=0 and --api-bind-http=0 respectively
- Minor bugfixes and stability improvements

- For HTTP server --api-allow command line option isn't having any effect (for now?)

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Z-ENEMY 1.28 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

Performance improvements of 1.28 compared to previous version (1.27):
- Bitcoin Diamond +7-8%, Hex 4-5% and +3-5% for x16r/s, x17, bitcore, c11, sonoa, etc...

Other changes:
- Added --no-nvml switch to disable NVML monitoring (useful to reduce load on low end CPUs)
- After several tests we recommend using intensity 22 on 1080ti cards on x16r algo (and perhaps others)

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Z-ENEMY 1.27 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

Performance improvements:

Up to +3-4% for x16r/s and hex, +6-8% Bitcoin Diamond, 1-3% on others (x17, bitcore, c11, sonoa, etc...) on GTX 10x0 cards

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Z-ENEMY 1.26 ver.1 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

Performance improvements:
- Up to +5-7% x16r/s, +7% bitcore, few percent on others (x17, c11, aergo ...) on GTX 10x0 cards.
- Hex algo +10% for GTX 10x0 cards and +2% for RTX 20x0 cards.

Other changes:

- Removed renesis algo
- Improved stability