BTCNEXT exchange started to provide real-time standard prices API for cryptocurrencies centering on bitcoin on Indexbitcoin( website from 2020. With such real-time standard prices API , customers not only can analyze information on their own, but also have the opportunity to build organic partnerships with e-wallets and mobile application developers. In addition, all investors may be able to reach a one step forward trend forecast. Besides, it plans to provide real-time linkage information between global exchange rates and stock indices in the future.

In order for real-time standard prices API for cryptocurrencies of IndexBitcoin( to become a sustainable service, it must have technology as well as sufficient capital. In the recent economic crisis where even many global exchanges are becoming obsolete, BTCNEXT, the main operator of IndexBitcoin( implements marketing cryptocurrencies that have already pioneered overseas markets with large populations but active cryptocurrency trading compared to their incomes such as China, Vietnam, and Indonesia and has been leading the market so that it can have secured consistent and stable profits. BTCNEXT was able to launch the real-time standard prices API for cryptocurrencies on IndexBitcoin( service through its bold anticipative reinvestment.