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  1. New Hampshire’s Second Bill to Accept Bitcoin as Tax Payment Fails

    Lawmakers in the New Hampshire state legislature have killed a bill that would have allowed state agencies to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for taxes.

    On Jan. 8, the New Hampshire House of...
  2. New specialized business models emerge for Bitcoin SV miners

    Bitcoin's Year of Enterprise Adoption on BSV continues to take shape as leading BSV mining pool Mempool declared they would join Bitcoin mining giants TAAL and CoinGeek Mining in lowering BSV...
  3. It's 116 days before bitcoin production halve .Do you think the market will skyrocket

    It's 116 days before bitcoin production halve .Do you think the market will skyrocket?
  4. Bitcoin Price Breaks Above Key Resistance Levels as Bulls Target $ 8.6K

    Bitcoin (BTC) price has at last crossed above the $ 8,300 resistance, setting the digital asset up for a run at $ 8,500 and restoring bullish momentum to the current uptrend which has seen the price...
  5. Ripple CEO Buys Bitcoin (BTC) with XRP Dumped on Retail: Adam Back

    Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream, recently attempted to unfold the mystery of Ripple's XRP sales that surpassed $ 1.2 bln.

    In his new tweet, he made a wild claim that Ripple CEO Brad
  6. Australian wildfire relief supporters pledge bitcoin (btc) and fiat

    Donations are pouring in as firefighters continue to battle a series of devastating wildfires across Australia s southeast.

    Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman and singer Keith Urban say...
  7. Officials with Butte Bitcoin company suing major investor

    More than 30 people are out of a job right now at Butte's Bitcoin Mine.

    Because of this members of Butte Bitcoin Mining Operation have sued one of their major investors, Matthew Brent Goettsche.
  8. Sichuan Regulators Convened Meeting to Clean Up Unsanctioned Cryptocurrency Mining

    Due to dry conditions and a 30% rise in electricity consumption expected this winter, officials in Chinas Sichuan province reportedly compelled players in the regions cryptomining sector to attend...
  9. Dry season offensive against China bitcoin miners

    Regional authorities in the province of Sichuan are reportedly pressuring bitcoin miners to scale down operations amid electricity shortages during the dry season in southwest China.

    A meeting has...
  10. Hi friends. I am doing a survey and I want to know in which country it is expensive t

    Hi friends. I am doing a survey and I want to know in which country it is expensive to repair miners? I heard that Venezuela is expensive. I would love to hear your opinions, thank you.
  11. China Confiscates 7,000 Crypto Mining Machines; Bitcoin Mining Tools Use 40 Times Mor


    Chinese authorities seized crypto mining computers stealing electricity to power operations
    The total amount of mining equipment captured by authorities was close to 7,000
  12. Greece suspends extradition of alleged launderer for Bitcoin ‘stolen’ from Mt Gox

    Greece has suspended the extradition of accused Bitcoin $ BTC ▼ 2.38% laundering mastermind Alexander Vinnik pending an appeal, Reuters reports.
    The country s justice minister made the original...
  13. GSR and Interhash to Create Hedging Solutions for Bitcoin Miners

    Liquidity service provider and digital asset market maker, GSR, announced a partnership with Interhash, the mining services company and strategic partner of mining rig manufacturer, Canaan, in an...
  14. Bitcoin’s decreasing miner fees less worrying than miner capitulation

    Bitcoin's falling price is currently manifesting into a domino effect for all its fundamental statistics.

    After its mid-year bull surge, Bitcoins valuation has acclimatized itself to the lower...
  15. Whiplash: Bitcoin Slides Below $ 6,500, Surges Above $ 7,100 in 8-Hour Span

    Bitcoin traders might need a neck brace right now.

    That's because the price of the cryptocurrency took a sharp U-turn in the course of trading on Wednesday.

    The day started quite dreary for...
  16. Founder of bitcoin miner maker MicroBT accused of embezzlement


    Founder of bitcoin miner maker MicroBT, Zuoxing Yang, was arrested in Shenzhen, China, under an embezzlement charge

    Yang was Bitmain s former director of processor design and...
  17. Deze Bitcoin wallet maakt gebruik Lightning Network makkelijker

    ACINQ lanceert hun tweede Bitcoin Lightning wallet. Na Eclair is daar nu de tweede generatie mobiele Lightning wallet genaamd Phoenix. Volgens de ontwikkelaars heeft de software de voordelen van de...
  18. The reason why BTC continues to consolidate is that

    Chinese Bitcoin miners now control a record proportion of the network s hashrate, according to new research. An estimated 65% of BTC mining now happens in China.
    CoinShares, a digital asset...
  19. World Bank can but won't use bitcoin to send aid to Venezuelans, according to Human R

    World Bank can not use bitcoin to send aid to Venezuelans, according to Human Rights Foundation CSO Alex Gladstein

    The Open Money Initiative, a Human Rights Foundation-sponsored field research...
  20. Bitcoin Mining Operations Offer New Strategies Before Reward Reduction

    As the reward halving approaches, bitcoin miners are preparing new strategies so customers can reap the most profits from their hashrate services. On December 3, the mining operation Poolin...
  21. Bitcoin Mining Company Great North Data Has Gone Bankrupt in Labrador

    According to the outlet, bankruptcy documents filed last month indicate that Great North Data has liabilities of $13.2 million CAD and assets of $4.6 million CAD.

    Great North Data reportedly ran...
  22. Canadian Bitcoin Mining Firm Files for Bankruptcy

    Canada-based cryptocurrency mining firm Great North Data has filed for bankruptcy, owing millions to creditors and government agencies.
    Cryptocurrency mining and AI processing data company Great...
  23. Another bitcoin exchange-traded product gets launched, this time by traditional asset


    WisdomTree Investments, with over $60 billion in client assets, has launched a bitcoin exchange-traded product

    The ETP is listed on Swiss stock exchange SIX

  24. Does anyone buy a miner on the website How are their products?

    I saw the product on this site and thought it was great. But I have never bought it. I want to ask if you think this website can be trusted.

  25. Since BTC prices slid below the $8K price range, mining operations have been making l

    Since BTC prices slid below the $8K price range, mining operations have been making less revenue. On Sunday, December 1, only 13 mining rigs with an average electricity cost of $0.12 per kWh are...
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