Have you ever thought of dipping your feet into the world of investment? Do you plan to start investing any moment soon? Let's face it, so many people talking about investment do not know a thing about investment. They do not understand what it means to invest free funds and they do not have direct access to reliable investment platforms that guarantees a steady profit. That's not all, they find it difficult to pass the minimum investment threshold for many investment products.

With that in mind, how will you as a beginner get a strong footprint in the investment space? That is exactly where Zuchain investment platforms come in.

If you take a look at the investment platforms market, you will be greeted with tons and tons of platforms. While some of them are real, others are not what they claim to be. But one investment platform that has all the trappings to make you an expert investor is the Zuchain platform.

What Is ZuChain?

Zucoinchain is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that is gearing up to create ripples in the cryptocurrency world and is led by Mr. Salman, (CEO).

Zuchain uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to transform the global investment landscape such as stocks, IPO, investment funds, FX Trade, ambitious startups, as well as for cryptocurrencies.

Benefits Of Investing Through Zuchain

For Sellers, the following are the benefits of investing through Zuchain:

● As a seller, you get the opportunity to earn Zuchain tokens. Zuchain has about 90000$ in their project's model.
● Also, as a seller, you will get early access to Zuchain's token sale.

For Buyers, the following are the benefits of working with Zuchain:

● Opportunity to start investing with as low as $100.
● You would have the opportunity to use forex trading and crypto trading bots.
● 24/7 customer support: No matter the time of the day, you will get help on the Zuchain platform.

ZuChain’s Journey

Zucoinchain is already gaining a lot of attention globally especially in far East Asia, primarily because of a recent MOU signed between Zucoinchain coin CEO Mr. Salman and Bach Tuoc So. A top Gaming company from Vietnam to develop and integrate a platform where ZCC can be used as a payment gateway to play online, application-based games. Details are available in the link attached here

Zucoinchain & Bach Tuoc So signs multi fold agreement for online gaming development | GoodMorning

Also, Zucoinchain's head of concept Mr. Reheem recently announced that CEO Mr.Salman and the Management Team has approved the development of Ethereum main net wallet called Zuchain wallet, the development team released some brief functionalities of the Wallet stated below:

• Buy and keep Zuchaincoin Tokens with this new wallet
• Add multiple-currency Ethereum Tokens
• Send and Receive digital currencies
• Read QR codes & share your address with Peers
• The wallet handles the Ethereum addresses of your contacts in a simple send standardized manner
• Token Recognition-it detects the tokens supported by Ethereum Blockchain
• Ethereum transaction history will clearly be shown of the list of your ERC2O Tokens
• It will allow you to back up of all your assets

These are just some of the features apart from a more comprehensive list.

According to the CEO of Zucoinchain Mr. Salman, this wallet will bring some unique features which will be disclosed during the course of time and will take ZCC to heights of success.

During our discussion with CEO Mr. Salman, he mentioned that the vision of the company is to bring as many utilities as possible for ZCC and wants it to be the best utility token in the market. The management believes in continuous development and striving to make ZCC a brand

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